Flamand reelected as Enterprise mayor

Alan Flamand has been elected mayor of the hamlet of Enterprise, once again.

Votes came in Monday night for positions of mayor and council. Flamand held on to his chair by nine votes – with Michael St. Amour close behind at 20 votes. John Leskiw II weighed in with eight votes.
News spreads quickly in a hamlet with just over 100 people. Minutes after the results came in at the hamlet office, Flamand’s phone was ringing off the hook. He met with The Hub between congratulatory calls.
“It feels really, really good,” he beamed. “To think that after two years I’m back again, it assures me that we’re on the right path, and we will continue to stay there.”
After hearing the results of the council elections, Flamand was pleased with his leadership team.
“It’s going to be a great two years,” he said.
While he could not conjure up any pressing issues facing the hamlet, he said he looks forward to working with council to make plans in January.
“There are no pressing issues, but there is lots to look forward to. We have lots of money and lots of ideas,” he said.
He said the community centre is one of the main things this cycle of leadership will see completed. Flamand told The Hub last week that tourism is another area in which the hamlet would like to improve.
“We need to change from a truck stop to a destination for tourists,” said Flamand.
Flamand said he plans to offer the hamlet an “honest and sincere approach” to leadership.
The three council members with the most votes will be in term for two years. This includes Craig McMaster with 44 votes, Joe Lalonde with 41 votes, and Matthew Gautier with 37 votes.
Council voted in for one year include Robert Fry with 37 votes, Michael St. Amour with 31 votes, and John Leskiw II with 27 votes.
Because Gautier and Fry were tied at 37, the hamlet office saw it fit to draw a name from a hat to see who would take the place in the two-year term.