Apple Ipad


Steve Job’s introduction of the iPad, January 27, 2010 @ Yerba Buena

“Let’s go back to 1991, when we first shipped our Powerbooks. The first with a TFT screen, the first with palm rests, and had an integrated pointing device. Just a few years ago in 2007 we reinvented the phone… and a few years later we got the iPhone 3GS.”

“SO all of us use laptops and smartphones… the question has arisen; is there room for something in the middle. We’ve wondered for years as well — in order to create that category, they have to be far better at doing some key tasks… better than the laptop, better than the smartphone.”

“What kind of tasks? Browsing the web. Doing email. Enjoying and sharing pics. Watching videos. Enjoying music. Playing games. Reading ebooks.”

“If there’s gonna be a third category, it has to be better at these tasks — otherwise it has no reason for being.”

“Now some people thought that was a netbook — the problem is that netbooks aren’t better than anything!”

“We think we’ve got something that is better. And we call it the iPad.”