High Level dominates Midget tourney

The Hay River Huskies’ Midget team had a firm grasp on the home tournament this weekend, letting their winning title slip in their final game against High Level on Sunday.

The Huskies tore through their opponents in the round robin games, beating Yellowknife 1-0, Fort Smith 13-6, and Fort Vermillion 7-0. High Level was the only team to take a win from the Huskies in a 5-4 game during the round robin.
High Level was undefeated during the tournament, and stayed that way after scoring a 4-1 win over Hay River in the finals. The Huskies’ lone goal was compliments of Brett Power.
“High Level was hard-hitting and had a solid defense,” said Huskies’ Ben Squirrel.
High Level’s coach Hector Batt was thrilled to have seen his team take the lead.
“It was excellent – we had a blast,” he said. “We played a lot of different levels of teams. It was definitely a confidence booster.”
Batt said the team started out a bit choppy, but gelled toward the end.
“They were playing a me-game at the beginning, but toward the end we saw some more playing as a team – the passing was crisp.”
Batt said he counted 40 to 50 shots per game, which was well above their average. Team cohesion served their team their first tournament win this year, after coming home in second place for the past two tournaments of the season.
“What got us there was a lot of hard work, and good goal tending,” said Batt.
Floyd Daniels, coach of the Huskies, said he was pleased with how Hay River held the ice.
“We had four wins, so that’s an improvement,” he said.
For Squirrel, the best part of the weekend was making it to the final game against High Level.
“Good goaltending and hard work got us there,” he said.
Daniels said the team is looking at a lot of power play practice before their next tournament in Yellowknife later this month.
“We need to work on our penalty killing,” he said. “Every time we got a power play, we got a penalty. It ruined our chances of getting back in the game.”
The Huskies’ midgets will travel to Yellowknife later this month, and four or five of the team members will be going to territorials on the weekend of the 28th.