Oldtimers take over for weekend

Team Blue thumps Team Black 7 – 2 to take ‘B’ title at the annual Oldtimer’s tourney over the weekend.

The ice was set extra smooth over the weekend to accommodate the brittle bones at the Oldtimers’ tournament.
Teams came down from Yellowknife, Inuvik, Bechoko, Grande Prairie, High Level, and Fort Smith for the weekend. Hay River pitched in six house league teams.
Black and blue made it to the final game of the B-division, which was as far as Hay River’s teams got. Blue took the last win over black in the high-scoring (on blue’s part) final game.
However, it was not the scores that mattered, so much as the atmosphere of the Oldtimers’ tournament. These weekends are usually known for their pranks and humourous moments. Last year, a little team rivalry ended with a player’s truck on top of a train crate.
“The only prank this year was that Jeff Brockway was playing,” said Duane Morgan.
“No, there’s no full moon this year,” added Dave MacDonald.
The blue team remained undefeated for the weekend. Kudos all around the changeroom were given to Patrick Chicot, the blue team’s goalie, who came in from Kakisa to play.
The black team didn’t leave with its head hung, though. They played a valiant tournament, losing only their final game. Captain John Marshall used his deductive skills to figure that Jeff Boyce was to blame for the loss.
“The rest of the games were successful, but when a certain player joined us for the final game, the chemistry just wasn’t there,” he said. “To his credit, he was tied up in meetings in Winnipeg all weekend.”
The black team boasts that this was its only loss in 15 house games, and its first loss this year.
“They should suspend Terry Webster for three games for calling in Boyce,” Marshall joked.
The blue team was presented with a makeshift trophy for their B-division victory.