Recycle? Watch this.

MOVIE VIA © 2010

We would love to have these printers here. There’s next to nothing in regard to paper recycling, at least for home users. Take a trip to the town’s dump, you will understand. And with this, enter Japan, the place where all good things come from.

ENGADGET: Inkless / tonerless printers aren’t exactly new, but here’s a more novel approach: inkless, tonerless, and completely reusable. The PrePeat rewritable printer is exactly that: using special paper made of PET plastic, you can make all the flowcharts and meeting notes you need, and when you want to start fresh, feed the paper back in to start fresh. Upfront cost is 500,000 yen (about $5,600 in US) for the printer and 300 yen for each sheet, in lots of 1,000 — which we’re taking to mean at least another 300,000 yen / $3,360 to get some use out of it. Each piece of paper is said to work about 1,000 times, but no word on how much (if any) history can be extracted from the materials — just keep that in mind should sensitive information be your daily trade. Video demonstration below.