Celebrating 40 years of figure skating

With 40 years of skating coming to an end, the Hay River FIgure Skating Club put on a show to perform everything they have learned this year.
The skating carnival showcased skaters of all ages and skill-levels and even saw Ehren Jaleel, a two-time Alberta Senior Men’s Champion, take the ice.

The first segment of the night contained several solos by some of the senior skaters and a performance by one of the club’s coaches, Sara Marie Power.
The club’s beginner skaters took to the ice dressed as orca whales and shuffled along in time to Michael Jackson’s Will You Be There.
The crowd was extremely receptive to all the skaters, no matter their level, clapping and cheering for each performance.
“”I am a mom and I am prejudiced but I think it’s amazing,” said Shelly Martin. “I think they are getting a very good reception.”
Jaleel took the ice with two more acts to follow him before the intermission. The crowd was enthusiastic as he skated, and little heads poked out from behind the curtain as younger skaters peeked out to watch.
Despite taking a fall, Jaleel held his composure and skated off the ice to a roaring crowd.
After the intermission, more skaters took the ice with the level three skaters performing a Jungle Book-based routine dressed as animals. A Grease-themed duet was performed by Skylar Horton and Shauna Cooper. Jaleel took the ice two more times before the grand finale, when all the skaters took to the ice one more time for the audience to cheer on and congratulate the young skaters.
“I think our skaters were very professional,” said Marny Twigge, member of the club’s executive. “It is the biggest night of the year for the kids, and that is why we do this. For the kids.”
Skating will still take place until March 24 while some of the students work on their badges. But for the senior girls, this was just the start of what is going to be a very busy week.
“It was fun, but it is a busy week,” said Krista Painchaid, one of the club’s senior skaters, “Tomorrow is test day and then we have competitions coming up.”