Educators honoured at hall of fame ceremony

Sylvia Boyer, Irma Miron, Alice Cambridge, and John Carroll of Hay River were honoured at the first annual Education Hall of Fame Ceremony, as Northwest Territories educators that made a difference and strong impact in the lives of children.
Jackson Lafferty, Minister of Education, Culture and Employment, recognized each of the 15 individuals in the Legislative Assembly and at a special ceremony held at the Legislature.
He told the members in the house about the educators commitment, passion and due diligence of putting education at the forefront for NWT school children.

Sylvia Boyer, long-time educator in Hay River, stated that she felt very privileged and honoured to be one of the 15 NWT educators inducted into the 2010 Education Hall of Fame.
She said,”I taught all grades from Kindergarten to Grade 9 as a classroom teacher and I’ve taught for 34 years in the Territories and 31 has been for the Government of the Territories,” said Boyer.
As well, she acted as a school administrator having served as the Principal at the Kindergarten to Grade 6 Galena Heights School in Pine Point during the 1987-1988 school year .
Boyer finished her career in education in 2001 serving as the Vice- Principal of Harry Camsell Elementary School in Hay River.
She said, “as an educator I’ve held high expectations of my students (and) I believe that one can achieve success by hard work and determination and that’s something I’ve always tried to instill in my students.”
However, Boyer stated the educators inducted into the 2010 Education Hall of Fame wouldn’t be a one-time event, it will become an annual event that recognizes people within the NWT that help students succeed in school.
She added “it’s really an event for teachers, administrators, classroom assistants, volunteers, and coaches that have made a difference in the lives of children and have been positive role models.”
Lafferty put praise on all the Education Hall of Fames inductees but spoke fondly to the members in the Legislative Assembly about the recipients from Hay River. He stated that Boyer described education as her “life calling”.
As well, Lafferty commented on Hay River educator Irma Miron saying “that she never missed a day of school and her creative approach to her job enabled students to really enjoy her classes.”
At the ceremony, Alice Cambridge of Hay River was recognized for her commitment to education and the community along with John Carroll and former Mayor of Fort Smith, John Miltenberger.
Marc Miltenberger, former Mayor of Hay River, accepted the award on behalf of his father and former Mayor of Fort Smith John Miltenberger.
He stated it was a very humbling honour to receive the award for his father.
“He was a very soft spoken and reserved man but when it came to education he was quite vocal-it was a great honour,” said Miltenberger.
Furthermore, Jane Groenwegen Hay River South MLA added that the Hay River educators really made a difference in the lives of Hay River school children.
“All three of these individuals had long and outstanding careers as educators,”said Groenewegen. “Hay River has had the amazing good fortune of dedicated teachers who devoted most of their careers to teaching in our community-I personally know or knew each of these three individuals and was so pleased to see their life’s work acknowledged in this way.”