Playschool auction rasises $21,000 for local kids

The residents of Hay River came out in numbers to support the kids at the Hay River Playschool at their 17th annual Hay River Playschool Talent Auction last weekend. There wasn’t just items to bid on, but the people in attendance enjoyed an assortment of  h’ orderves, deserts, soft drinks, and the atmosphere of the Vegas theme.

Jason Coakwell, a parent of one of the kids at the Playschool, said “I like how all the pictures of the kids are up on the wall as cards.” He pointed out proudly that his daughter is dressed up as the one of the kids who is the Queen of Diamonds.  The Vegas theme decorations at the Royal Canadian Legion were pictures of all the 3- and 4- year-olds at the Playschool decorated as playing cards which were designed by them with the help of the teachers.
The kids were decorated in many different cards such as  the K of clubs, spades and hearts, diamonds, J of diamonds, and spades, Q of hearts and clubs. Also, the tables were decorated with colors of different card suits such as spades, diamonds, and hearts. Robert Bouchard, one of the main auctioneers at the event, told the audience throughout the night to keep bidding. Remember to bid high because your supporting a good cause. There were around 125 items to bid from which were a John Tavares Team Canada signed jersey, a painting, I-pod touch, a toy bike, bath and body package, espresso/cappuccino machine. clock, surround sound system, 26 inch TV built in with an DVD, a signed Muhammad Ali picture of him fighting Joe Fraser, tool set, Buffalo Airways tickets to Yellowknife and a kids waterslide.
The people at the auction gave generously to the support the cause as some of the auction items such as the dog sled ride for two sold for $210 dollars, and a dinner cruise to Wrigley Harbour  for four people went for $425 dollars. Tiffany Demarke, a member of the Hay River Playschool committee, said, “I might get the inflatable slide machine and the fire pit that would be nice.”
She attended the auction due to the fact that her son attends the Playschool and that the event is a fun and its supporting a good cause.” The most expensive item on the night was the Kids Quad that sold for $975 dollars. As well, the class blankets with each child’s hand print on it stirred up a bidding war between the auction participants eventually being auctioned off for $675 dollars.
The money raised for this year’s auction will help build an extension for the school which is used for a quiet room and a pre-Kindgerten assessment room,” said Lynette Moore, the talent auction coordinator.  “Kids will benefit in having the quiet room where the teacher and child can communicate in a calm quiet setting.”
The money raised at last year’s auction was $40,000 dollars which was an increase of $3,000 from 2007. But most of all, Moore was thankful to community, the local business and the parents of the Playschool for putting on another successful auction, since they have all played a part in making sure that the growth of it continues for years to come. At this year’s event, the auction raised  $21,000 dollars to date excluding bar sales and cash donation yet to be totaled which will all go towards supporting the children at the Playschool.