Rusty Blades reunited with a fun day on the course

The Hay River Rusty Blades held their second annual Best Ball Golf Tournament this past weekend.
A warm clear day on Saturday provided ideal golfing conditions for the 48 registered players.

Many of the groups teed off in groups of eight, adding some light hearted teasing and friendly competition to the day.
There was a $60 registration fee associated with the tournament, with all the money being paid back out in cash prizes for the top three teams.
“It went okay,” said Jeff Boyce, organizer of this year’s event. “Everybody seemed to have a good time. It’s just for fun really.”
The winning team consisting of Ron Dumas, Gary Stoby, Dave Gauthier and Rick Nault shot a 64 on the par 35 course, making the foursome $900 richer.
The second place team won $600, and included Peter Mahar, Frank Hurst, Doug Wieterman and Bruce Sutherland.
The third place team, Terry Webster, Dwayne Morgan, Jeff Boyce and Jeff Brockway walked away with $300 at the end of the day.
No one on the course seemed to take the tournament too seriously, most using it as quality time on the course with friends.
“It was a chance to get together and drink and [visit],” said Boyce. “It was good, we haven’t seen much of each other since the season ended. Some of the guys even had their wives come out and play.”
The Rusty Blades ended their hockey season back in April.