Track meet set to kick off today

This week 1,177 students from across the Northwest Territories will be meeting at the track field at Diamond Jenness for this year’s NWT Track and Field Championship. Out of all the participants, 339 will be locals, with 104 coming from Princess Alexandra, 16 from Chief Sunrise, 62 from Diamond Jenness, 76 from Harry Camsell and 81 from Ecole Boreale.
From June 2 – 4, young athletes will compete in their respective events in hopes of claiming a territorial title.

As of Monday afternoon, the orange fence around the event spaces was erected and the track re-finished to ensure the safest conditions possible. The long jump, triple jump and high jump pits were all completed as well as they had to be relocated because of the new trades centre.
“It has really been quite an exercise of cooperation,” said co-coordinator Tim Borchuk.¬† “We have had excellent support from the contractors.”
Once all the preparations are done and the meet is set to begin, Borchuk is confident there will be no major issues until the meet draws to an end.
“It is going to go fantastic. We have got such a great base of volunteers,” he said. “When this thing kicks off on Wednesday it goes into cruise control and everyone looks after their own little areas. It is going to be great.”
The opening ceremonies for the Championships kicks off tonight at 7:30 p.m. at the DJSS track.