Bison anthrax death toll now at 42 animals

The number of bison affected by anthrax in the Slave River Lowlands has jumped to 42, up from the seven found in early June.
According to Judy McLinton, spokesperson for the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, the infection rate has slowed down.
“It seems that the active infections have slowed down,” she said Monday afternoon. “With the cooler weather and the rain, it has slowed down.”

McLinton confirmed that all 42 carcasses have been burned, to prevent further contamination of animals.
There have been 14 outbreaks of anthrax in the Slave River Lowlands and Wood Buffalo National Park between 1962 and 2007, and is fairly common during the hot summer months. The bison will rest in the sand, and inhale spores contaminated with anthrax.
The ENR is continuing to monitor the region, and another surveillance flight was scheduled for Tuesday.
If anyone encounters a bison carcass they are advised not to approach or touch the carcass as humans can contract the disease.