HR derby league rolling forward

Hay River’s roller derby has been out in full force this summer, but as the warm season draws to a close, the women are scrambling trying to determine what is next.
There are five women who have been showing up to the practices, which have been held at least once a week.
“It is usually more like twice a week,” said Keelen Simpson, one of the organizers of the league.

The women have been meeting at the Kiwanis rink for practices, and have held a few in the Ben Sivertz Arena.
“It is warm out and the area is clean, so it worked out well,” said Simpson. “But soon it will be cold out and there will be snow on the ground and the ice will be in the arena.”
Simpson and her co-organizer Jenna Hamilton have been tossing around ideas for a winter location, but have yet to make firm plans.
“Now we are kind of thinking, what do we do, who do we contact,” said Simpson. “We are hoping to try to find somewhere to use during the wintertime.”
But a winter location is not all that the league is looking for.
“We are definitely looking for more people,” said Simpson.
She acknowledged that roller derby is a difficult sport for people to come out and be involved in, unless they are already actively skating.
“It is a really expensive commitment to make,” said Simpson. “It cost $300 or more for all the equipment. It has been an ongoing process trying to find used equipment for people to try out skating. But we are working on it.”
Anyone who is interested in joining the roller derby league is asked to message Simpson or Hamilton on Facebook, or message the Hay River Roller Derby League Facebook group.