Hobson to enter plea on November 24

A new court date has been set for a local woman charged with animal cruelty after allegedly hoarding dogs on her property.
Linda Hobson, 66, made her second court appearance last Wednesday, after the RCMP raided her property in June.
Her appearance, in front of Judge Garth Malakoe was brief, to which Attorney Michael Hansen asked to reserve plea until Nov. 24. until disclosure matters are dealt with. Hobson is due back in court at 9:30 a.m. on Nov. 24.

Twenty-three of the dogs on the property were taken to the Hay River SPCA in June, but were put down in mid-August. The decision was made by the Town with assistance from the SPCA and a veterinarian.
The remaining 83 dogs are still on the property, and are under Town supervision.
According to Mayor Kelly Schofield, the dogs are entirely under Hobson’s care, but the Town is monitoring the situation to ensure the animals are taken care of.
Schofield said that the Town is waiting to make a decision on the dogs until a later date, when several matters are taken care of.
“We are waiting to hear what the verdict is,” said Schofield. “And there are a couple of mitigating issues as to why we won’t go ahead and make a decision.”
The recent addition of a Bylaw Officer to the Town staff will make it easier for the town to monitor the situation and help with animal control in the area.
“We really don’t want to put the animals down, but we didn’t have a choice in the other case – for public safety and for liability,” said Schofield. “This town cannot justly give away animals that may harm the public.”