HR’s Fire Chief now full-time

A new role has been created within Hay River’s Fire Department.
Volunteer Fire Chief Ross Potter’s position has become full time.
Potter took over the new role on Aug. 16, a switch that he said seemed natural. “When the opportunity came up to become full time, I was close to retirement at my other job, so it became a natural fit,” he said.

The job description is much larger than the volunteer position, and Potter said he has been keeping busy.
“It has been steady-go since I took over, which is great. I don’t like to be sitting around doing nothing,” he said.
He said that the largest portion of his job now comes down to fire prevention. This includes doing inspections on various properties and promoting safety about town.
According to Potter, there are nothing but huge advantages for the community by having a full-time fire chief.
“There are huge advantages to the effect that we can spend more time with the community. I won’t have to wait until after work. I can get to people at their place of work and not wait until after hours.”
He added that dedicating his whole week to the fire department will allow them to expand their safety programs.
“We are going to be able to get more into public safety,” he said.
“Prevention instead of protection.”