Town finds itself under attack after destroying 23 dogs

The Town of Hay River is under attack over their decision to put down 23 dogs in mid-August.
The puppies, who were under the care of the SPCA, were seized during the May 29 raid of Linda Hobson’s kennel.
A release sent out by the Town of Hay River on Aug. 30, explained that “in the interested of public safety, the Town put down the animals in mid August” due to the animals “display of unpredictable and aggressive behavior.”

One animals rights group, Canadians For Animal Welfare Reform, has called the Town’s actions “unthinkable and absolutely unacceptable” in e-mails to both the Town and the media.
“It is CFAWR’s contention that the Hay River Mayor and the Township Council have acted unethically and we will allege that the conduct of the office and its council members borders on criminal negligence,” said  CFAWR founder Sarah West in an e-mail.
West alleges that hundreds of groups would have been willing to help with the adoption of the puppies, a scenario that Mayor Kelly Schofield is sympathetic towards, but was not comfortable with.
“I understand where these people are coming from but they don’t have all the information,” he said. “To jump to conclusions without all the information is not fair to all involved.”
He said that the decision to put down the dogs was made with input from various parties, not just the Town.
“It was ultimately the Town’s decision, based on information from various sources, including a vet,” he said.
He also added that the remaining dogs are still on the property being cared for and are still under Town supervision.
The Hay River SPCA declined comment when contacted by The Hub.