GNWT hangs up on health hotline

The GNWT has discontinued the use of their toll-free health care information hotline due to a lack of use.
The NWT Health Line service was cancelled on Friday after six years of use.
Residents can no longer call the 1-888 number to receive health-related information from a nurse 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The service was created as a hotline back in 2004 to help residents in isolated Northern communities with their concerns, and determine whether they should be traveling to the nearest hospital. This was to help cut back on the number of hospital visits for non-emergency situations.
It has been reported that the service received about 20 calls a day, or 7,000 a year which cost the government approximately $80 per call.
The program cost the Department of Health and Social Services approximately $570,000 last year. The funding will now go back to the department’s general budget.