Hay River’s Curling Club is ready to rock

The Hay River Curling Club is getting things up and running for the season.
A new executive is in place, consisting of president Davida Delorey, vice-president D’arcy Delorey, treasurer Kelsey Gill and secretary Cheryl McMeekin-Strang, who are doing what they can to continue the club’s upward climb from their slump several years ago.
The two leagues will be starting up in the next week, with the corporate league playing Friday nights, beginning Oct. 29, and the open league playing Tuesday nights beginning on Nov. 2.

According to D’arcy Delorey there are two more teams in this year’s corporate league than last year.
“It is a more social league. We have lots of activities planned,” said Delorey.
Enrollment in the junior program is also up this year, a positive bounce back from previous years.
The Junior and Little Rockers league will run Monday, Tuesday and Thursday weekly.
But in order to maintain that membership, the club is having to increase their fundraising efforts.
“There has been an increase in the lease fees of about 10 per cent or $10 an hour for all clubs because of the arena situation,” said Delorey.
“We have kept our fees the same this year to try to keep our membership up. We are just going to try to make the rest through our fundraising efforts.”
In addition to the maintained costs for the members, there have also been upgrades made to the facility and equipment to make for a better game.
“We had a very productive summer,” said Delorey.
The rocks have all been reconditioned and matched up for a more consistent game.
The rink has been refitted with new hacks and bumper boards.
“It improves the look of the club, and improves the quality of the game,” said Delorey.
“There was a lot of volunteer work that went into the club,” he said. “And the funds donated by the Legion helped to keep the club open last year.”
He also added that the club’s members have done a great job of promote the social aspect of curling, which he attributed to the sustained interest levels.
“It has just become more of a social thing,” he said.
The weekend of Nov. 6 will be the Corporate “Buzziness” Bonspiel, and the Juniors’ “Arctic Cat” Bonspiel will be  the Nov. 19 weekend.
At the end of November, the Dominion team from Hay River will be traveling to Prince Edward Island to compete at the national level.
The team consists of Monique Gagnier, Katrina Delorey, Betti Delorey and Dayna Haley.
More information on the leagues and upcoming bonspiels and events can be found on the Curling Club’s website at www.hayrivercurlingclub.ca.