Hazard camp preps women for season

The Hay River Hazard Women’s hockey league strapped on their skates for a weekend of training to help new and experienced players prepare for their season.
The two-day camp included on and off ice training including power skating, positioning, stick handling, and the rules of the game.
There were around 15 women who enrolled for the camp, a smaller number than last years.

“It was really good,” said Ingrid Wood, one of the participants in this year’s camp.
“We are learning about powerskating, how to use our skates properly and positioning and where to go.”
For some of the more experiences players, the camp serves as a reminder for the technical aspects of the game.
“You play so much in the game that sometimes you forget about the little things, so this is a good reminder,” said Wood who is entering her fourth season of hockey.
Annabelle Brault is one of the few first time hockey players who have signed up this season, and she said that the camp has been a great way to start improving her skills.
“You play and play and play and it is very intense so you improve a lot,” said Brault of the camp.
After Saturday’s workshops and drills, a fun game was held at 5 p.m. for the players.
A second fun game was held at noon on Sunday to help the women apply what they had learned at this year’s camp.
“There are not a lot of new players this year, but it helps because you are surrounded by players who are more experienced,” said Brault.
“It helps you to learn. I am having fun.”