Bronze finish for Huskies at tourney

Hosting their home tournament this past weekend, Hay River’s midget hockey team finished up in third after facing some tough competition.
Hay River had a sluggish first game against Fort Smith, but came out on top.
The team came together while playing the eventual tournament champions High Level, tying the game five each.

In their final game on Saturday Hay River seemed to lose motivation, after a 7-0 shutout for Lacrete ended the game early.
Lacrete scored an easy five goals in the first two periods, seemingly discouraging the Huskies.
Lacrete advanced quickly into first throughout the tournament, putting Hay River in third by the end of Saturday’s match-ups.
Sunday saw the renewal of the Hay River team, who won against Yellowknife to meet up against High Level in the semi-finals.
A good first period by both teams saw the score tied 2-2 but Hay River got into some penalty problems and were down 6-2 heading into the third. They were untilmately unable to overcome the four-point deficit.
But despite not making it to the final game, Hay River managed to beat out Fort Smith in the bronze medal game.
It was a tight match up, as the first goal scored by the Huskies early in the first period was quickly evened out by Fort Smith.
But the Huskies kept it together scoring another two goals within minutes of each other, creating a 3-1 lead at the end of the first.
Hay River scored again early in the second, widening the lead.
Fort Smith returned  a goal with just over nine minutes left in the period.
Just over a minute later they score again, catching up on the solid lead the Huskies had at the beginning.
Following the goal, Hay River picked up the momentum scoring quick off a face-off in the oppositions end, finishing the period with a 5-3 lead.
The Huskies were quick to score again just over a minute into the period regaining domination on the ice.
Fort Smith retaliated with a return goal, but ran out of steam at the end.
Three quick  goals by Hay River solidified a final win of 10-4, placing them in a final third place for the tournament.
High Level and Lacrete faced off in an intense back and forth final.
Lacrete, who was previously dominating the tournament, was beaten by High Level in a 5-4 win to take the tournament title.
Coach Curtis Rowe, who returned to coaching after a three-year break, said he was pleased by the turnout at this year’s tournament.
“I believe five teams at the midget level is a good turnout,” he said.
The final standings saw High Level in first, Lacrete in second, Hay River in third, Fort Smith in fourth and Yellowknife in fifth place.