Hay Riverites to get sneak peek at Ice Pilots NWT’s second season tonight

All eyes will be on Hay River tonight as the second season of Ice Pilots NWT takes off.
The world premiere of the next season of the docu-series will consist of a screening of the first episode at the Riverview Cineplex.
“It is the episode with Justin getting in (trouble),” said Buffalo’s general manager Mikey McBryan.

“It is one of my favourite episodes. It is pretty tense.”
Tickets were selling for $15 each and all 150 sold out within a day, according to McBryan.
He said that the support that the town has for the show was the reason for having the premiere in Hay River as opposed to Yellowknife.
“The funny thing is, Hay River is very supportive of Ice Pilots, but in Yellowknife it is almost commonplace,” said McBryan.
“The percentage of support is so high in Hay River. That’s why the premiere is in Hay River instead of Yellowknife.
“I think shows like Ice Road Truckers have kind of jaded Yellowknife.”
The premiere is scheduled to start at 7 p.m.
But the start of the second season does not mean a break for the crew at Buffalo.
Camera crews began filming the third season in October, and are expected to wrap up in August.
The first episode will also air later tonight on History Television.