Erosion issues on Highway 2 to be addressed this summer

Erosion on a section of Highway 2 between Hay River and Enterprise will be addressed sometime this summer, Northwest Territories Minister of Transportation Michael McLeod said last week.
Under questioning from Hay River South MLA Jane Groenewegen on Feb. 9 in the legislative assembly, McLeod said the erosion near that portion of the highway has been a concern for close two decades. Money has been set aside in the department’s budget to deal with the problem this year, McLeod added, though he was unable to say when the work would begin.

“Right now to try to deal with it and prevent it from causing any harm to the traveling public would be our first and foremost concern,” he said. “That it’s proposed for this coming summer is all I know at this point.”
There are no plans to reroute the highway further away from the riverbank at this point, McLeod told Groenewegen.
Instead, the department will look at different types of guardrails and rock, known as riprap, in efforts to shore up the embankment.
“We’ve been monitoring the situation for quite a few years. We have other situations where there are sheer drop-offs. We have guardrails,” he said. “At this point we want to ensure that it’s flagged. We will start looking at whether realignment is warranted. I have not been informed by any of the experts that have looked at it that it’s needed right at this point, at this time, but it’s something that we will consider.”