Hay River Atoms dominate over Yellowknife in tournament

Hay River dominated the ice this weekend during the Elks-sponsored Atom hockey tournament.
The weekend started off with the annual donation from the Hay River Elks Club to the team, a cheque for $4,200 this year. John Brockway presented the cheque on behalf of the Hay River Elks, before the team headed out for their first game against Yellowknife.
Saturday morning the team continued to dominate, beating out one of the Yellowknife teams 9-2.

Hay River managed to score six goals in the first two periods of the game, looking towards a shutout in the final period.
Yellowknife began to pick up, making it tough for Hay River to score despite some hard attempts to get past the visiting goalie.
With 14 minutes left on the clock, Yellowknife scored causing an eruption of cheering from the spectators seating.
“Come on, again,” yelled one young hockey fan from Yellowknife. “This is an amazing game.”
Only seconds later, Yellowknife scored another goal causing cheers to break out for a second round.
But those two goals seemed to get Hay River back on track as they scored two more goals before the final minute of play, bringing the score up to 8-2.
The announcer called out the final minute of play for the game, which resulted in an ambush on the Yellowknife goal.
Brad Belanger managed to sneak one past Yellowknife’s goalie, solidifying their win with a 9-2 final tally.
Hay River continued to succeed throughout the tournament, making it to the final match against the Yellowknife Great Slave Helicopters.
The Elks team started off the scoring early, with Brad Belanger kicking things off with an easy goal with 18:52 remaining.
Just under a minute later, Tyrell Wilgosh followed suit, setting up a good lead for Hay River.
Belanger scored his second goal of the game at 15:47, seemingly beginning to discourage the visiting team.
But Yellowknife kept on Hay River, with several attempts on goal that just seemingly couldn’t get past the goalie.
Hay River’s final goal of the period came with 6:54 remaining, as Aaron Mackie scored with assistance from Wilgosh and Tyrell Powless-Sangris.
But in the final minute of the game, Yellowknife managed to come together to score with only 51 seconds remaining in the period. Wilson Elliot scored unassisted.
With a 4 -1 start to the second period, Hay River was looking to continue their hot streak as Powless-Sangris scored near the 19 minute mark.
Trey Beck followed with a goal with 15:59 remaining, and then a sneaky goal by Jason Griffiths brought Hay River’s total up to seven.
Griffiths scored his second goal of the game with 10:25 remaining.
Wilgosh scored his second of the game with six minutes left in the second period and then got a hat trick with 4:55 remaining.
Just under a minute later, Belanger received his hat trick.
Belanger scored again in the final minute of the period unassisted, making Yellowknife’s deficit impossible to come back from.
Hay River only scored once in the final period, about a minute and a half in due to Abby Webster’s efforts.
The official final score for the tournament was 13 to 1, but the score clock stopped at 8 -1.