Council waits to release details of SAO’s departure

Town residents are left wondering after Senior Administrative Officer Terry Molenkamp left her contract position last Friday.
Council made the decision to terminate the SAO’s position during an in camera session last Friday. The town’s Deputy Mayor, Mike Maher, said that he couldn’t release specifics of the length of Molenkamp’s contract, or what amount, if any, was agreed upon for severance, or the conditions and reasons for her dismissal, stating confidentiality.

Councillor Kevin Wallington said that council will eventually release information, but said councillors should meet together to discuss how info is released to media. He said that ordeal was a lot for councillors to digest in a short time.
“We have to explain as a council why we made that decision,” he said. “As a council this is the one position we can evaluate. We’re not talking about a low level admin. here.”
Wallington also said that the decision was made opportunly, because annual evaluations were coming up. He added that firing Molenkamp was not an easy decision to make.
“Terry worked for Hay River for a number of years,” he said.
“I learned a lot from her. But you have to look at corporate culture. This was not a personal vendetta. You can only move as far as your leader, and re-evalution of the SAO means a re-evaluation of the organization.”