Bed bugs in Hay River, says environmental health officer

Bed bugs have made their way into Hay River, according to the Department of Health and Social Services
There has been at least one confirmed case of bed bugs in the Mackenzie Place Highrise, with others unconfirmed.
According to Rhian Harrison, Hay River’s senior environmental health officer,  Public Health was tipped off nearly two weeks ago when they were approached by a concerned tenant of the building.

Harrison said that a total of two tenants have approached the department, both showing the symptoms of bed bug bites.
“It is definitely in one, maybe in two,” she said.
“Both tenants had marks on their body.”
She said that they suggested the building owners contact the local pest control officer and ask for an inspection to be done on the apartments.
She also said they recommended that checks be done in the rest of the building’s suites but to her knowledge, only the vacant suites have been checked.
She also said that one of the owners took the initiative to do the checking and fumigating herself rather than calling in the PCO. Some of the hallways have also been vacuumed.
“It won’t conquer it but it won’t hurt,” said Harrison.
She said that the PCO is currently away for another two weeks, but upon their return, they will be going into the highrise to check on the situation.
“At that point we will decide whether or not we need to do regular inspections,” she said.
In the meantime, she recommends that tenants check their apartments for the apple seed-sized pests.
She said that bed bugs are able to travel through the walls and floors through electrical wires and telephone lines, and that tenants needs to be aware of their presence.
Anyone with questions, or anyone with signs of bed bugs in their apartment are asked to contact Harrison or the building owners to set up an inspection so proper measures can be taken.
“The last thing we want is it going through the whole building,” she said.
The owners of the Mackenzie Place Highrise were unable to be contacted by The Hub’s press time.
Further information on bed bugs can be found online at www.

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