Bevington to be NWT’s sole MP in Ottawa

The Western Arctic riding is coloured orange once again, as New Democratic Party member Dennis Bevington was elected as the sole NWT representative in Ottawa.
Bevington received a total of 7,140 votes on May 2, collecting 45.8 per cent of the vote.
The Western Arctic riding saw a total turn out of 15, 577 voters or 55.2 per cent, approximately 6 per cent lower than the national turn out.

“I’m feeling very good about it,” said Bevington of his win. “It was my strongest win yet in the riding, out of my last three elections.”
He said that this time it’s different, as he will be sitting in a completely changed House of Commons.
“I feel I will be going back to a parliament that is very different,” he said.
He believes that having the NDP as the Official Opposition, he and the other NDP members of parliament will be able to better represent their constituents.
“I will have the ability to work better for the people of the NWT,” he said.
“Two very different points of view are being expressed in the House of Commons.”
Bevington added that he was pleased by the voter turnout in the Northwest Territories, and attributes that to the young voting population.
“It is up almost 8 per cent from last time,” he said.
“I really believe many more young people came out to vote.”
He said that the population’s interest was peaked by the election, and that was reflected in the final numbers.
“For an election people didn’t think was important, I think it turned out to be a pretty important one,” said Bevington.
The results “realigned parliament” he said and have “major ramifications to national unity” –  all in a positive way.
Bevington said that the priority for both him and the NDP would be working to get an appropriate budget passed for Canada.
“(The Conservatives) say they are going to bring out the same budget, so we will see about that,” he said.
He also noted that the cuts are still a concern, citing the $300,000 cut to the Department of Indian and Northern Affairs.
“In the next couple months, these are things we are going to be looking at,” he said.
A date has yet to be set for the MPs to return to Parliament.