Conservatives win with majority government

Canadians have spoken, voting in a Conservative majority government after five years of minority leadership.
Following a 37-day campaign, Stephen Harper regained his role as prime minister and in a historic move, New Democratic Party leader Jack Layton became the new leader of the Official Opposition.
The NDP seat count nearly tripled from the last election in 2008, and Western Arctic candidate Dennis Bevington has regained his role representing the Northwest Territories in the House of Commons.

The unofficial count saw the Conservatives win a total of 167 seats, and the NDP collecting 102.
Green Party leader Elizabeth May made history by winning her riding’s seat, making it the first Green seat in the House of Commons, and Bloc Quebecois leader Gilles Duceppe announced he would be stepping down as party leader after seeing Quebec shift politically towards the NDP.
Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff was beaten in his riding in Toronto Monday night, but did not comment on whether he would remain party leader.
The local political landscape did not alter as much as the federal had, with Bevington taking the sole seat representing the Northwest Territories.
He won with a total of 7,140 votes or 45.8 per cent, with the Conservative candidate Sandy Lee close behind with 5,001 votes and a percentage of 32.1.
Liberal representative Joe Handley received 18.4 per cent of the vote, with 2,872 ballots cast in his favour and Green Party newcomer Eli Purchase with a total of 477 votes and 3.1 per cent.
Local candidate for the Animal Alliance Environment Voters Party of Canada, Bonnie Dawson, received a total of 87 votes.
A total of 15,577 votes were counted as valid, resulting in a voter turnout of 55.2 per cent in the NWT.
This will be Bevington’s third time representing the Northwest Territories in Ottawa since he was first elected in 2006.
The unofficial overall turnout for the country was near the 61 per cent mark as of 3 a.m. Tuesday morning, higher than the approximate 59 per cent turn out during the 2008 federal election.
None of the candidates from the 41st federal election were available for comment at midnight when the final count was verified by Elections Canada for the Western Arctic riding.