Deh Cho Bridge completion date still uncertain, DOT

Completion of the Deh Cho Bridge could be delayed further according to the minister of Transportation.
Michael McLeod addressed the Legislative Assembly on Friday saying that the bridge contractor, Ruskin Construction Ltd., has “indicated that completion could be delayed.”
He said that the north end is completed and the contractor is currently working on the south side of the river with assembly on-going.

“Information provided by the Contractor indicates that the superstructure trusses, towers and cabling were not completed during the past winter because of the late delivery of steel,” he said.
“As a result, certain weather-sensitive construction activities such as paving, constructing concrete curbs and grouting of deck panels are unlikely to begin before winter.”
The original completion date was scheduled for November of this year.
McLeod said that the government requested that Ruskin provide them with a revised schedule with reasoning for the delays.
“We will examine this closely to determine what steps to take next,” he said.
“Our primary concern is that the bridge is built safely and to the highest standards so that it can perform as expected during its 75 year design life without unnecessary added maintenance.”
He also added that it was unknown whether there would be added costs with the delay.
“The precise impact of a possible delay on the total capital cost of the project cannot be determined at this time,” he said. “The scope of work will not change significantly, however, so we are not anticipating there will be any additional capital costs to complete construction.”