Bevington named official Northern portfolio critic

Dennis Bevington has been named as the Official Opposition Critic for Northern Development for the 41st Parliament.
The appointment was made by NDP leader Jack Layton on May 30, which will see Bevington as critic for all three territories.
“I plan on continuing the work I have been doing to improve the lives for Northerners,” said Bevington in a release.

“Over the next several years the North will see major changes and I will continue to ensure all Northerners are heard and not just those favoured by the Conservatives.”
Bevington also received a nomination as vice-chair of the Standing Committee on Aboriginal Affairs.
He lost the position of critic of transportation to Olivia Chow.
The position for Aboriginal Affairs critic was given to Linda Duncan, the MP for Strathcona-Edmonton.
On May 2, Bevington was elected as the Western Arctic riding’s Member of Parliament where he will be sitting in the House for his third term.
This time around, the NDP has the role of Official Opposition, having a total of 103 representatives in the House of Commons.
During the last election the NDP only won a total of 35 seats.
Parliament resumed on June 3 with the Speech from the Throne and a revised copy of the Federal Budget was tabled on Monday by the Conservative Government.