No notice if Canada Post strike hits HR

Whether North or South, Canadians are up in the air about whether or not their communities will be the next to picket in Canada Post’s rolling strike.
The GNWT has released a statement to inform residents that government cheques and other packages will not be delivered through mail because it is unclear as to when certain outlets could face a strike.
GNWT offices in Yellowknife, Fort Smith, Fort Simpson and Inuvik will hold important packages like driver’s licenses, General Identification Cards and paycheques, which receivers can pick up.

Residents must show government issued ID in order to pick up personal packages, and vendors must show official letterhead with name of the individual and the individuals’ government ID.
Vendors, clients and students who are set up with direct deposit will not be affected.
Those wishing to be set up with direct deposit can complete a PDF form for Payment and Financial Transaction Authorization for Vendors and Customers available on the Department of Finance website or by contacted the GNWT Department of Finance.
For income assistance and childcare user subsidy, payments to larger companies for rent and utilities will be hand delivered.
GNWT has contingency plans for remote communities and residents who are receiving pay cheques, income assistance, child care user subsidy, and student financial assistance which can be picked up at a local ECE office or Band office.
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The Hay River post office is still unsure at this point whether or not they will be striking, and will not be informed until the day of if the decision is made to strike.
More information on the strike including current striking locations and regular updates can be found at the Canada Post website at
As of Monday night, Canada Post had rejected the Union’s latest offer and strike rotations were expected to continue.