Cupcake challenge to bring fierce competition to library

Cupcakes. These tiny, sweet, soft carefully prepared little cakes have become somewhat of a kitschy pastime in the North American counterpart of the western world as of late.

And where better to capitalize on this craze, than the local epicentre of many a cultural, community and pop culture activity?

The Hay River Library will be hosting a cupcake contest on July 30 at 2 p.m. and everyone from amateurs to experienced bakers are invited to bring their sweet cake-y creations to the library to be evaluated by a discerningly sweet-toothed panel of judges.

It’s not uncommon for a small town to hold competitions of this sort pertaining to food, and it’s not something that Program Librarian Adam Hill has not carried out in the past.

“We had one judge for our pie contest last year who felt obliged to eat the entire sample,” said Hill.

“Needless to say, he left here very red in the face. He was affected for a couple of days.”

But this month, instead of pies or cookies, Hill thought it better to be kind to his judges in choosing the tiny, squishy, portable, artfully prepared cakes – cut into quarters, of course,

“I’m always thinking of food I’d like to eat but I never take the role of the judge,” said Hill.

“That just wouldn’t be fair.”

“They’ve been very popular, you always see cupcake shows on the Food Network,” said Hill.

“Plus, who doesn’t like cupcakes? You show me a person who doesn’t like cupcakes and I’ll call them a liar.”

In preparation for the event, organizers are asking that contestants come to the library with their finished product no later than 2:15 p.m. on the 30th, and that they bring at least six cupcakes to be tested and sampled afterward.

Criteria to be judged on will include taste, consistency, uniqueness and decoration.

The final honour to be bestowed upon the contestants will be best taste, best decoration and best overall entry.

Hill already has an idea of what some of the entries may be, but he isn’t ready to give too much away.

“There may be some contestants who may be making cupcakes into some characters out of a few of my favourite movies,” said Hill.

“That one may not be too hard to figure out.”