Rangers operation postponed due to high winds

The Hay River Rangers had to postpone their departure for the latest operation on Saturday morning due to dangerous winds on Great Slave Lake.
Seven Rangers, one RCMP officer and an RCMP dog were scheduled to take off at 1 p.m. on Friday as part of Operation Nunakput 11.
The group took off in two boats for a trial run despite the high winds, and decided early on Saturday morning to postpone their leg of the operation.

According to 1 Canadian Ranger Patrol Group Capt. Stephen Watton, the plan is to simply postpone the mission until August or September.
At that point, the Hay River Rangers will join in the sovereignty mission to conduct surveillance and reconnaissance activities.
“This is a proud Canadian moment,” said Mayor Kelly Schofield as the Rangers prepared for their trial run on Friday.
“Op Nunakput 11 is aimed at refining our ability to support our federal partners through a synchronized Whole of Government approach, in order to improve interdepartmental coordination as well as interoperability in response to a northern safety and security issue,” said Brig.-Gen. Guy Hamel, Commander of Joint Task Force North in a press release sent out by Joint Task Force North.
Operation Nunakput 11 is one of three annual sovereignty operations conducted on an annual basis by the Canadian Forces in the North.