Greyhound scheduled to leave Hay River

As of Oct. 24, Hay River will no longer be a destination for Greyhound Canada.

Tom Olsen, a spokesperson for Greyhound Canada, confirmed the closure on Thursday, stating that the company has given their 90 days notice for the route change.

The move comes after the Government of Alberta decided to update their regulations regarding intercity bus services, said Olsen.

According to a Government of Alberta press release, the regulatory system had been in place since the 60s.

Under the new system, there are no required minimum services levels and carriers will not have protected rights to any route.

“This gives carriers the freedom to make decisions in the best interests of their business and their customers,” the release said.

According to Olsen, Greyhound Canada was losing millions of dollars on the Northern routes, so it was in the best financial interest of the company to end the route at Edmonton.

“Greyhound responded to the regulation change in regards to its own operations,” said Olsen, who said that Greyhound was “compelled through regulations to run certain routes.”

He added that the Alberta Government hopes that smaller operations will step into the newly opened market and take over some of the routes that may be reduced or removed completely.

But Greyhound’s courier service will continue to run to Hay River.

The full list of the passenger services that have been removed by Greyhound is available online at

Representatives from the Hay River Greyhound station were unavailable for comment as of The Hub’s press time.