Ptarmigan Ptrappers come out on ptop

A  team from Hay River helped one Northern community make history outside of town boundaries.

The Ptarmigan Ptrappers slo-pitch team, with help of the Hay River Slo-pitch Association, was able to attend the inaugural slo-pitch tournament in Fort Resolution. This was the first tournament in the community in more than 20 years and according to participants and organizers, it was very successful.

“We felt we should take a team to the tournament because Fort Res. has always come to our tournaments,” said Ptrappers team member Lisa Maurice. “We wanted to thank the Hay River slo-pitch league for considering us and moving the games around to accommodate that.”

Only five teams could register due to limited spacing, but of these, the Ptarmigan Ptrappers from Hay River, Fast Eddie’s and Red Sox from Fort Resolution, and teams from Fort Chipewyan and Fort Smith were able to participate.

Kim Balsillie of Hay River headed the Ptrappers, forming the team by combining members of Brewsers, Bandits and Metis Trappers slo-pitch teams. Since the beginning of the summer, the team has entered three tournaments and placed at the top three in each.  According to Maurice, there was some nail biting.

“It was back and forth right up to the last inning,” she said  “They scored six runs right off the bat, but we came back in the first inning.”

The Ptrappers were up seven runs in the final inning with a score of 21-14 when Fort Smith just about came back scoring six runs. It wasn’t enough, and the final score was 23-20 for the Ptrappers winning them the tournament.

“They came back pretty close,” said Maurice.

“It was a pretty intense last inning.”

Lyden Daniels of the Ptrappers won for male MVP, Belinda Mandeville of Fast Eddie’s won for female MVP.

Male and female RBI’s went to Fort Smith team member Justin Burke and Ptrappers team member Maurice.

Billy Joe from Fort Chipewyan earned the award for most home runs. The sportsmanlike awards were awarded to Dan Starr of Fort Smith and Lydia Cardinal of Fort Resolution.

After having won several tournaments, the Fast Eddies combined their earnings to put towards organizing the inaugural home tournament.

Team representatives would like to thank Greg and Curtis Rowe at the Ptamigan Inn for sponsoring their entry into the tournament.