Wacky weather thrown at teams for Coors weekend

The weird weather this weekend didn’t prevent the territory’s avid slo-pitch players from competing in this year’s Coors tournament.

After two team dropped out, 11 teams from across the North competed with strong winds, hot sun and thunder as their backdrop.

A fast-approaching thunderstorm soaked teams on Sunday afternoon, and repeated showers on Monday hit both players and spectators alike, but that didn’t damped any moods or stop any of the games.

Fort Resolution’s Fast Eddys played the Hay River Ptarmigan Ptrappers in the final game Monday afternoon and took the win 9 – 4.

The Fast Eddys beat out the team expected to win the weekend’s tournament – Fort Smith.

Fort Resolution was the team who won the Waterbomber Classic tournament on the Canada Day weekend.

Fort Smith and Fort Vermillion came in third/fourth place.

Glenn Smith, one of the organizers for the tournament commended both Fort Resolution and Hay River on their skill during the tournament but noted the low scores that were common during the playoffs.

He attributed that to the weather that kept everyone constantly guessing.

“It was different weather that’s for sure,” he said.

Smith said that the weather was probably the biggest problem that they had this weekend as everything else ran smoothly.

Smith said that since the Coors Tournament is usually the biggest slo-pitch tournament of the year, it gets very competitive.

Having another tournament on the Canada Day weekend allowed the teams to build up their skill and communication to play their best this weekend.

“It is nice having two tournaments in one month,” he said.

“We start to build up teams.”

The gears are already in motion for the tournament to continue next year despite it nearly not happening last year.

Smith said that the plan is to continue the Canada Day tournament as well, making the most of whatever long-weekends the slo-pitch league can take advantage of.