Blinds installed for Recreation Centre pool

There may be less of a beachy feel at the Aquatic Centre pool from now on. 

That’s because last week, pool staff were in the midst of putting up the last of a set of blinds screening the fishbowl like windows from the swimming area to the high traffic hallway.

The recreation centre completed an informal survey this year.

“One thing that showed up on one our survey was that people will swim more if we put up blinds,” said Department of Recreation Lead Hand Kim Tybring.

“It was brought to our attention that people would feel more comfortable if they didn’t have the public looking in on them when they’re swimming.”

The Recreation Centre staff track pool attendance very closely and will see in the next few months if there is increased use of the pool.

“I hope that it encourages more people to come in and use the pool,” said Tybring.

“Even if it doesn’t the blinds weren’t that expensive.”