Rooster puts age restriction on energy drink sales

Hay River minors will not be able to purchase energy drinks, due to a restriction put in place by the Rooster Convenience Store.

A poster went up last week, indicating a change of policy.

Effective immediately, the Rooster would no longer be selling energy drinks to those under 18.

The signage indicates that the decision was made due to scientific studies that have indicated that they have received reports of health effects associated with energy drinks.

“They have such an effect on adults, I can’t imagine what they do to young children,” said one employee.

“Sometimes we have really young kids coming in to buy them. It concerns me.”

“I think the store is showing an admirable level of maturity in restricting the sales of energy drinks,” said consumer Chris Hunt.

“When buying something with potentially hazardous health results, a person must be aware of the possible dangers. A nine-year-old can’t possibly weigh the dangers of such a product. All they care about is taste. By restricting the age of sale, it forces an adult or parent to make the decision as to whether or not the beverage is appropriate, which is how it should be. Children should never be in charge of what goes into their bodies.”

As of Monday afternoon, no other convenience store in town had put an age restriction on the sale of energy drinks.