Smoother roads ahead for KFN

The only road into the K’atlodeeche First Nation community was paved late last month.

Previously, a bumpy gravel road was what first greeted residents and visitors into the community, but now a freshly paved road with a yellow line is providing a safer entry point for motorists.

According to Larry Purcka, Head Design and Technical Support Services for the Highways and Marine Division of the GNWT, the chipseal layer has been in the works for quite some time.

He said that the roadway was “chipseal surfaced near the end of August this year as part of the access road improvement program that was initiated several years ago.”

He said that the work began back in 2010 with road strengthening for the weaker areas and the addition of more gravel to the road surface.

He added that drainage work will continue this fall.

Hay River resident Lyle Fabian is pleased with the recent improvements to the road.

“The chipseal for the reserve road is a big deal for the community, as well as wear and tear on each individuals vehicle,” he said.

“Currently, it is an investment towards the community’s economic base and also the safety of travellers to and from community. The look and feel of a drive to the community is more pleasant.”

But all the excitement over the new pavement still has one issue according to Fabian.

“The only issue I have, there is only one layer of chipseal on the reserve highway and how long the chipseal will stay in place before it starts to degrade,” he said.