Donation from Kingland to Help Soup Kitchen

Members representing Kingland Ford in Hay River gathered on the steps of the soup kitchen last week to present the organization with a gift. The gift of security.

After hearing about the soup kitchen’s troubles with the recent break-ins, the employees of Kingland decided to do their part to help out and donated a three-camera interior and exterior security system.

“Kingland wanted to be neighbourly,” said employee Arlene Mills.

“We wanted to see the success of the relocation of the soup kitchen. It is a positive need for the community.”

Mills said that the group came together and decided that the camera system would be the best way to help out the organization that does not receive funding beyond the donations of the community.

The cameras have already been ordered and are expected to arrive this week.

Mills said that following their delivery, the cameras will be installed shortly thereafter.

“There were some unjustly events that took place,” she said.

“For worker safety and building safety, we thought it was a gift we could provide.”

Soup kitchen President Laura Rose was thrilled by the donation and believes it will make a difference for the building.

“I think it is just tremendous,” she said.

“And I think it should do the trick. We will have three (cameras) on the outside and three on the inside. It is just astounding.”

She said that they will be monitoring the security system themselves which they expect will help deter further break-ins and help catch the culprits of any more that may occur in the future.

It was also added that cash would no longer be kept on site in hopes of deterring further vandalism.

Just last week the soup kitchen had it’s front window smashed in and the front light pulled out.

Some sandwiches were stolen from the kitchen along with a small amount of cash.

The forced entry was the ninth in approximately a month – a series of expenses Rose and the soup kitchen’s financial books were not prepared for.

She has been overwhelmed with the community support and donations and is hoping to be able to continue with the kitchen’s lunches and grocery hamper programs to help those in need.