First women’s fair a huge success

There were 10 vendors and service providers gathered in Godwin Mall on Saturday and while they had many different things to offer, they all with one thing in common. 

Businesses geared towards women united in one spot on Saturday for the first Women’s Fair in Hay River. 

The fair, the brainchild of Anna Crossman, was in response to a need she saw in the community. 

“There are a lot of us home business owners in town who don’t have a place to show our stuff and our businesses are mostly geared towards women,” said Crossman. “Most home-based businesses are run by women.”

Crossman owns a small accessories vending business. On Saturday a tiered table and a display case showed off many  of her pieces.

Similar arrangements throughout the bright hallways featured things like mini gourmet cupcakes, make-up, crocheted and knit goods, traditional crafts, art and jewelry, textiles and accessories and services, all geared towards women.

A steady stream of shoppers, also mostly women, was exposed to several home-based businesses featured that they may not have known of before.

“We had fun getting all the products out and showcasing everyone,” said Crossman.

This event was small scale said Crossman – advertising was through Facebook and posters pasted throughout the town.

With a good turnout and great ideas from attendees Crossman is looking to expand with more vendors and an event oriented fair perhaps incorporating a fashion show, complimentary aesthetics and classes.

She is looking to host another event in the spring.