Huskies make finals but go no further

More hockey fans filled the stands on Sunday than for a seat-gripping final game this past Saturday. 

Having won game 16 against the Hay River Shockers, the Hay River Ptarmigan Huskies moved on to game 18 against Fort Providence. 

J.J. Hirst scored first against Fort Providence and Steve Rosendahl scored second tying the teams up.

But late in the third period Fort Providence came back and scored the game winning goal and earning a final score of 3-2.

Fans flooded out of arena doors disappointed.

“It was a good close game,” said Rosendahl, Huskies team member and president of the Hay River Recreational Hockey League.

“In the end we couldn’t get the balance we needed at the time. It just wasn’t our day I guess.”

The Hay River Shockers beat the local Oldtimers team on Friday with a final of 8-1, as did the Huskies over the Hay River Bandits, 8-1.

The Shockers won against High Level 6-2 and advanced to the finals but lost to the Hay River Huskies 4-2 in game 15.

The Huskies won against Fort Smith 6-4 in game 11 on Saturday and against Fort Simpson 6-2 in game 13 on Sunday.

But when they went up against the Fort Providence Bulls in their second and final game, they lost out 3-2.

“They had a good team, some great players,” said Huskies team member and organizer Todd Ashton.

“There was some good competition and some great hockey was played.”

Four Hay River hockey teams along with teams from Fort Providence, Fort Simpson, Fort Smith and High Level came out to the annual tournament hosted by the Hay River Recreational Hockey League.

The tournament kicks off the season for many communities around the North.