Local biathlete makes top 25 at World Cup

While young territorial biathlete hopefuls partook in Arctic Winter Games trials to earn a spot on Team NWT, Brendan Green represented Canada by making the top 25 at the Biathlon World Cup. 

On Sunday the Canadian biathlon team finished sixth place in the World Cup mixed team relay making history by achieving the best results ever over a 12th place earned in the event last season. 

The mixed relay is considered for being included in 2014 Olympic Winter Games. 

Russia made gold at 1:13:33.4, followed by the Czech Republic with silver clocking-in at 1:14:00.4, and France earned the bronze medal at 1:14:11.9.

Even though the metal, team Canada took a place on the podium as one of the top six teams.

Before the World Cup 25 year-old Green fought for and maintained international standings.

This year, the 2010 Olympian achieved career-best top-15 results, shooting clean in each of his three sprint competitions this season, and becoming the most consistent of the national men’s squad.

He’s now ranked top in the world in shooting—with no misses in five of the eight competitions entered—and leads the Canadian men’s team in World Cup points.

It was only a few days earlier on Dec. 11 that Green completed his best relay ever despite circumstances.

Green made a statement following the 12.5 kilometre pursuit race, detailing his difficult start.

“It’s been a really roller coaster week for me,” said Green in a press release.

“After the last race in Sweden my back flared up quite badly related to a disk herniation that happened in late July. I thought I was going to have to fly home, but our support staff worked extra hard to get me back on my feet and things improved a lot over the last few days.”

Green said it is still a factor that’s affected his speed while at the events in Hochkilzen, Austria although his shooting has been close to perfect.  Green revealed his positivity after ranking 24th in a men’s 10-kilometre sprint competition on Dec. 15.

“I’ve been pretty comfortable on the range in the sprint for whatever reason and it’s awesome,” said Green. “I’m pumped at that and I’ll take as many clean days of shooting as possible. I’m optimistic my ski speed is there and will get better as the season goes on. I just have to match the shooting with the skis. I think I could have done that today if the conditions were better.”

During the first relay event of the season Green demonstrated top form in shooting and skiing, cleaning two sets of targets without using spare rounds.  Although he ranked 21st going into the race his maneuvering helped to boost the team to a respectable 15th placing.

Last season they ranked at 16th.

“Although I picked up some misses late in the race during the standing bouts, I had a much stronger ski and was actually able to enjoy the race as opposed to yesterday which physically was a struggle from the get go,” said Green. “I am satisfied that I was able to maintain my position, and I am hoping I can keep things rolling in the right direction.”

Green will return home to Canada for a short break before heading to World Cup tour events in Czechoslovakia, Italy and Norway in 2012.