$100,000 in fire damages

Hay River’s fire chief estimates that

$100,000 worth of damage was done to a local

recreational machine dealership after a fire

started in the shop.

The Hay River Fire Department received a

call to Diggerz Powersports on Jan. 26 at 2:18

p.m. and found the shop portion of the building

in flames.

All employees had been evacuated and no

one was injured.

Fire Chief Ross Potter estimated it took

firefighters 10 minutes to fully extinguish the


Following his investigation, Potter said he

believes that the cause of the fire was a fuel

leak that ignited.

He said one of the employees had been cutting

a bearing off a snow machine jack shaft

approximately 15 minutes after it had been

brought in from outside. It had a full tank of

fuel, he added.

“The fuel expanded in the fuel tank, leaked

out on the floor and started to vaporize and

that is what I believe created the flash and the

subsequent fire,” Potter said.

Shop owner Tim Hinz said because of the

fire department’s quick response, the damage

was limited to the shop area.

“The store itself contains no damage,” he

said.The shop portion of the building requires

extensive repairs, but Hinz is counting his


“Things could have been a lot worse,” he

said.And in addition to the help from the fire

department, Hinz said the response from the

community has been incredible.

“I have had people calling all day offering

manpower, offering space in their shops so

my mechanic can keep working,” he said. “I

owe everybody a whole lot of gratitude and


“It is just amazing how much this town has

pulled behind me.”

The shop was expected to be closed Jan.

27 and 28 while employees cleaned up the

shop but store hours were not expected to be