Million Project officially entered in Guinness Book of World Records

String of over one million beads laid out around track at Diamond Jenness Secondary School

It is official – the South Slave Divisional Education Council is now in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Eight schools from across the district worked together on the record-breaking Million Project and it was announced in November that their collective effort had paid off. The entry is now on the online database at

Last summer, the Million Project had participation from students across the South Slave, who strung together beads in colourful groups of 10 as a way of visualizing just how big the number one million really is.

Cathy Canavan-McGrath, numeracy co-ordinator for the school district, organized the project and is thrilled the schools and students received worldwide attention.

“It is absolutely wonderful,” she said.

Canavan-McGrath said she had been checking the website regularly to see if the record had been posted. She was in Fort Smith recently when she saw the record had finally appeared on the

“I was very pleased,” she said. “It was with a great deal of pleasure that I sent out the e-mail announcing it to all the schools and principals.”

But the project wasn’t about breaking the record, she said.

“The project was math-focused,” she said. “(The world record) was a wonderful side effect.”

Now that the record is official, Canavan-McGrath has ordered certificates to recognize each school in the South Slave for its efforts. She said the documents are currently being framed, and will be presented to the schools in the coming months.

After measurements were completed, the string measured 6,438.6 metres or 6.4 kilometres.