Hay River swimmers end season at the Trinity Helicopters Kimberlite Classic

Hay River's Caleb Brockway races in the mixed 10 and under 25-metre butterfly at the Ruth Inch Memorial Pool in Yellowknife

Swimmers from Hay River were cutting through the water at the Ruth Inch Memorial Pool in Yellowknife May 11 to 13 at the Trinity Helicopters Kimberlite Classic swim meet.

Eleven swimmers came up from Hay River for the annual meet, and many of them claimed their best times of the season
in Yellowknife’s water.

Hay River Lions’ coach Kerry Buhler said it was a good way to cap off a successful season for the Hay River club.

“It’s good. It’s really good. All the kids are having lots of fun, and it’s the last meet of the year,” Buhler said.

For many of Buhler’s racers, the Yellowknife meet was the last of only five meets in the season, and she said they were all grateful for the extra water time.

“The number of meets all depends on the age groups,” Buhler explained. “The older guys get to go to more with seniors and stuff, but these guys get to go to four or five meets a year. Some of them even got to go to Grande Prairie and race in the longer, Olympic-sized pool,” she said.

Twelve-year-old Hay River swimmer Graham St. John put in a strong set of races, taking first place in many of his events.

“I got my best times in everything, so that’s always good. I got first place in every swim except for one. I had a first in the 100-metre backstroke, the 400-metre freestyle and two others as well,” St. John said.

The 100-metre freestyle win was especially sweet, he said, because, “my favourite has always been
the 100-metre free.”

St. John said he was happy with his season overall, particularly because he missed training last season while living outside the NWT.

“The season’s been pretty good. Last year I wasn’t here, I was in Sherbrooke, Que. So it’s been a pretty good year especially since I missed a year of training,” he said.

His teammate, 11-year-old Aolie Buhler, also had some of her best times of the season at the weekend’s meet.

“It’s my second time here. It’s been pretty good. I got lots of my best times and I’m pretty happy. I’m pretty confident and I like my times here,” Aolie said.

She said one of the highlights of her season was a time trial event in Edmonton earlier in the winter.

“There were lots of people there, and I was a bit nervous even though it was my third time there,” Aolie said.