Celebrating excellence – Numerous students recognized for achievements

Kristen Campbell/NNSL photo Diamond Jenness’s award-winning students posed for a photo on the gymnasium bleachers following the recognition ceremony on June 19.

A full year of hard work by Diamond Jenness Secondary School students was recognized at an award ceremony on June 19.

Grade 8-11 students who excelled in academics and sports, along with those who showed improvement and school spirit, were called in front of their peers to receive certificates.

“Schools are all about academic success,” said principal Geoff Buerger. “Awards day is largely to recognize those students who take advantage of the programs we provide.”

Nearly 50 students were recognized with 48 various awards, which Buerger noted is a reflection of how these youth will grow into adulthood.

“That’s why we celebrate,” he said. “It’s not instant recognition like winning a race at track and field. It’s 10 months of getting it done, and really that’s what life is about – meeting all your obligations.”

The list of principal’s list winners and honours award recipients was longer than previous years, much to the delight of Buerger.

Last year, there were five students on the principal’s List with an average of 90 per cent or higher in all their core subjects. This year, 11 students achieved that milestone.

“I was absolutely delighted to see how long the principal’s list is this year,” Buerger said. “I’m really proud of their work ethic, and proud of their achievement.”

Buerger said one of the most remarkable things about the students achieving such high averages was that the marks were earned in tough classes rather than easier ones.

“The students in high school who are on those lists have taken hard, difficult courses,” he said. “They’ve gone after university-stream English classes and math classes. By golly, that’s impressive.”

The Grade 12 awards will be presented during the graduation ceremony on June 29.