Grade 6 students visit legislative assembly – School celebrates 10 years of partnership with MLAs and Elks

Photo submitted by Wendy Morgan The Grade 6 students from Princess Alexandra traveled to Yellowknife to spend a day learning about the Legislative Assembly on May 31. This is the 10th year that the Grade 6 class has make the trip, thanks to the local MLAs and the Hay River Elks Club.

On May 31, Grade 6 students from Princess Alexandra School took a trip to Yellowknife to visit the legislative assembly and learn about the NWT’s political processes.

The students participated in a tour of the building before having lunch with their hometown MLAs and the Speaker of the legislative assembly.

The group of 35 students then took photos in the chamber of the legislative assembly before viewing a session from the public gallery.

“The Grade 6 students have been coming up to tour the legislative assembly since 2002,” said Wendy Morgan, assistant to Hay River South MLA Jane Groenewegen. “It is an opportunity to observe the things they are learning in school.”

Morgan added a visit to the legislative assembly while in Grade 6 gives the students an opportunity to learn about the programs offered by the GNWT.

“Starting at the Grade 8 level they can become a page in the house and Grade 10 students can participate in youth parliament,” she said.

Morgan said this is the 10th year that a Grade 6 class from Hay River has been hosted by their MLAs and also the 10th year that the Hay River Elks Club has sponsored the bus for their travels.