How to build a greenhouse

Community Gardens Committee chair Rebecca Bruser holds some of the hardware to be used to build a new greenhouse.
— Angele Cano/NNSL photo

Hay Riverites will soon have a chance to learn how to build an outside structure that will store far more lively things than lawnmowers.The Hay River Community Gardens Committee is holding its first ever greenhouse building workshop on Aug. 25 and is inviting everyone who wants to learn about the construction process. The group will build a 60×30-foot structure for use on the Community Gardens grounds, but the plan can translate to larger or smaller greenhouses.

Committee chair Rebecca Bruser said, for beginning or avid gardeners, using the structure could really extend the growing season.

“Even plants like tomato, cucumber, basil and peppers can be grown in greenhouses all season long because their yield will be better,” said Bruser. “Plants like that don’t tend to do that well outside in our climate.”

Plots in the Community Gardens greenhouse will be broken down into three-by-four-foot sections that can be used by those who tend any of the 42 plots currently in the gardens. The greenhouse will cost $7,000, money the committee received in grants.

Even if people aren’t interested in joining the Community Gardens, they can still come out on Aug. 25 between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. to learn to build a greenhouse.

“People can take those skills and learn to successfully produce their own food,” said Bruser.

— by Angele Cano