Town looks for submitted digital images from residents to display at trade shows


Steve Campbell of the Town of Hay River’s recreation department holds one of the digital picture frames to be used at trade shows.
– Paul Bickford/NNSL photo

Hay River residents are being invited to submit their favourite digital photographs for a display to help promote the community.

The idea was suggested by Steve Campbell, who works in reception at the recreation centre and mans the town’s booth at various trade shows.

“I went and did a show in High Level and I was checking into the hotel and I noticed they had a digital picture frame, and I’m always looking for new things I can have that are going to draw people to our booth,” he said.

Campbell thought it was a great idea, and started spreading the word a couple of months ago to local artists and photographers, and now he is putting the call out to members of the general public.

“Not only would you be a taxpayer of the Town of Hay River, but your photo could also be something that would inspire someone to come up,” he said.

Campbell has obtained two 19-inch digital picture frames that will display a continuous slide show.

The plan is to debut photos at the 2012 Business, Home & Leisure Show to be presented by the Hay River Chamber of Commerce in September.

“I don’t want to even close it off at that time,” Campbell said. “I’ll continue to take photos forever. I’d rather pick from thousands of photos than 60 photos. It’s a huge casting call for anybody that has a photo that I can use.”

The photos should focus on Hay River, but other photos would be considered from nearby towns and areas, such as the waterfalls south of Enterprise and the rapids of Fort Smith.

“Because I’ll not only selling Hay River, but I’m also selling the North,” Campbell noted.

No one has yet submitted any photos.

However, the call for photos was recently placed on Facebook and Campbell is hopeful he’ll have enough for the September trade show.

The photos can feature anything, not just scenery and wildlife, he said, noting they could even be used to advertise services available in the community.

“We just want to use it as a selling feature,” Campbell said.

The goal is to get as many donated photos as he can to help promote the town.

“It’s something that is so simple,” Campbell said. “And it’s going to be worth so much.”