Dog racing a family affair

Angele Cano/NNSL photo
Breanna Beck finishes in first place during the three sled dog race at K’amba Carnival on March 3.

Some of the winners in the one-dog and three-dog races at this year’s K’amba Carnival were carrying on a family tradition that goes back generations.

The first-place winner of this year’s three-dog race, Breanna Beck, ran her first dogsled race when she was only three years old with her father, Anthony Beck, who followed alongside on snowmobile.

When asked how she did beginning so young, her answer was simple.

I held on tight,” she said. “I may have slid off and did a face plant when I hit a bump, but I got back up.”

The eight-year-old began racing with one dog, then with three. She said she likes the speed, the dogs and the excitement of the races.

Cousin Kale Beck finished second in the three-dog race.

Both Becks are from a long line of dog mushers. Their great-grandfather first got into the sport, which has now passed down through four generations.

They’re the new generation of dog mushers,” said Janelle Beck.

This year, Breanna Beck raced with her dad’s two best leaders. The confidence of winning every year has the cousins vying for a six-dog sled next year, especially Breanna.

No way,” said her mom, Lynne Beck.

— Angele Cano