Large crowds attend sno-cross event in Hay River


photo courtesy of Shayla Marie Maisonneuve
Joel Demarcke puts the ground behind him on March 2 at the annual Sno-cross races in Hay River.

Who knew ice had better traction than dirt?

The more than 100 sno-cross racers who registered for a March 1 & 2 event in Hay River would be able to enlighten people on the subject.

Pretty much all of it is dangerous, but there’s better traction on ice than dirt if you have the right tires,” said event organizer Curtis King. “You can turn harder, race at higher speeds with more traction, but then when you do crash you have a tire with 500 studs coming at you.”

Dangers aside, King said there were no injuries at the recent event.

With that luck and a lot of learning under their belts, the new organizing team is set to meet soon to review the event and get ready to plan for next year.

King was part of a new crop of planners who took the reins from Spencer King and Shaun Demarcke to plan this year’s sno-cross event.

Entrants came mainly from Hay River, but also surrounding areas, Yellowknife and northern Alberta, including a pair of pro racing brothers from Dixonville.

Organizer Tanner Froehlich said part of the large crowd of spectators came from other events taking place over the weekend like K’amba Carnival and a women’s hockey tournament.

Froehlich said that is something organizers will keep in mind for next year.

A lot of people won’t want to come from out of town on both weekends. This way they can kill two birds with one stone,” he said. “It’s a better crowd this way.”

Next year, organizers also plan to invest in an AM/FM radio transmitter to announce events, racers and schedules. They may introduce an entry fee for spectators to help support the event and to amp up the competition.

Organizers paid out $17,500 to race winners. The committee received many donations from the community and businesses in town to make that possible, as well as some fundraising dollars.

King, who has been racing for more than 20 years, said they want to add more categories and a wider range to make the competition accessible for all so that more people get involved.

That’s because he’s noticed the sport declining in recent years and he wants to work to revive it.

Both King and Froehlich are avid racers and want to keep the snow sport going.

Ice racing is probably the funnest thing I have ever done,” said King.

— Angele Cano


Sno-cross results:

Cross Country

Class First Second Third

Open Brandan Bradbury Devan King Sterling Marcel

Sports Cody Marcel Joel Demarcke Derek Mundy

14-17 Junior Scott Belanger Wade Moore Ivor Cli Norwegian

Ladies Camilla Marcel Cassandra Marcel

Junior Caden Kaskamin Jason Griffiths Devon Felker

Mini Kaden Beck Blake Marcel Marlin Miersch



Class First Second Third

Pro open Brandan Bradbury Devan King Sterling Marcel

Sport Joel Demarcke Spencer King Cody Marcel

Ladies Camilla Marcel Cassandra Marcel Vurle Herbery

14-17 Joel Demarcke Dylan Carter Jeremy Beamish

9-13 fan Jason Griffiths Devon Felker Jacob Harder

Mini Kaden Beck Blake Marcel Kale Beck


Ice Racing

Class First Second Third

250cc bikes Sam Wylie Sterling Marcel Joel Demarcke

450 bikes Mitchel Kryszatan Sterling Marcel Spencer King

Grand Prix Bikes Dillan Kryszatan Sterling Marcel Curtis King

Under 17 bikes Joel Demarcke Dylan Carter

Quads Ben Nason Lucas Nason Cody Williams



Class First Second Third

Mini Kaden Beck Kelden Hendrickson Kale Beck

Vintage Trey Beck Colten Charlton Jacob Harder

Fan Brad Belanger Brayden Charlton Derek Chicot

500cc Sterling Marcel Geoff Johnson Ashley Felker

600cc Sam Mills Kyler Walner Wes Grallant

600cc improved Brandon Bradbury Cody Marcel Dylan Carter

700cc Brian Chaliedft Joel Demarcke Brandon Bradbury

800cc Cameron Sapp Lee Park Dylan Carter

800cc improved Lorne Bulldog James Mcdonald Gene Hepditch

900cc Ben Nason Gene Hepditch Anthony Marchiori

1000cc Gene Hepditch Lorne Bulldog Ben Nason

King of the snow Herb Cole Dean Hendrickson Tanner Froehlich

Source: Curtis King